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A new blogger joins the prefetch family

My good friend Mike recently joined the prefetch family, and will be adding additional content to the prefetch blog (his first blog post rocked!). Mike is one of the most skilled UNIX administrators I have ever met, and I am extremely excited that he is going to add his real world experiences to this site! […]

Chroot capabilities in sshd

I just looked over the sshd 4.9 release notes, and came across this gem: * Added chroot(2) support for sshd(8), controlled by a new option “ChrootDirectory”. Please refer to sshd_config(5) for details, and please use this feature carefully. (bz#177 bz#1352) This is awesome, and should negate the need to use pam_chroot! Nice!

Finding/setting nvalias (nvram) OBP settings from a running Solaris O/S

Using the command eeprom (1m) while in the Solaris O/S on SPARC platforms has been a useful way to view and set OBP parameters without bringing the entire machine offline and down to the ok prompt. Unfortunately, eeprom does not show nvalias definitions. These are most often used to specify root and mirror O/S boot […]

The international day of awesomeness!

I hope everyone got a chance to celebrate the international day of awesomeness yesterday! I was fortunate enough to celebrate the international day of awesome with a friend, and had a blast doing so! Awesome!

Configuring ZFS to gracefully deal with pool failures

If you are running ZFS in production, you may have experienced a situation where your server paniced and reboot when a ZFS file system was corrupted. With George Wilson’s recent putback of CR #6322646, this is no longer the case. George’s putback allows the file system administrator to set the “failmode” property to control that […]