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Creating ZFS file systems during the jumpstart process

I use jumpstart at home to update the hosts in my lab as new Nevada builds and Solaris updates are released. As part of the unattended installation / upgrade process, I create a couple of ZFS file systems on each system. Since jumpstart doesn’t have built-in support for creating ZFS file system, I had to […]

Speeding up the initial SMF manifest import

If you are an avid Solaris 10 user, you may have noticed that it takes a bit of time for global and non-global zones to initialize after they are installed. One of the issues that slows down the initialization process is the initial manifest import, which is a series of steps that takes place to […]

Oh how I love my iRobot roomba

One of my friends recently purchased an iRobot Roomba, and he let me test it out while he was out of town. I thoroughly tested out his Roomba, and was amazed that it was able to do as good of a job as my existing vacuum cleaner! The Roomba also has a key advantage over […]

Measuring the time an application was stopped due to garbage collection

I recently spent some of my spare time assisting a friend with debugging some Java performance problems his company was experiencing. When I originally looked into the performance problem several weeks back, I used the mpstat and jstat utilities to observe CPU utilization and object allocations, and based on some jstat anomalies, I used the […]

Locating files on Solaris servers with pkgchk

Most Linux and BSD distributions ship with the locate utility, which allows you to quickly find files on a system: $ locate pvcreate /usr/sbin/pvcreate /usr/share/man/man8/pvcreate.8.gz While not quite as thorough as locate, the Solaris pkgchk utility has a “-P” option that provides similar capabilities: $ pkgchk -l -P metastat | grep Pathname Pathname: /sbin/metastat Pathname: […]

Cleaning up HTML files with tidy

I have read a number of documents on correctly using CSS and XHTML over the past month, and have learned about a number of common mistakes people make when creating content that uses these technologies. Most of the articles discussed ways to structure web content to avoid these pitfalls, which got me wondering if anyone […]

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