Sun tech days recap

This week I was fortunate to attend Sun tech days. I had a great time attending the technical sessions, and discussing a wide variety of technology topics with other admins and Java developers. Some of the highlights from tech days included a 4-hour training session on web 2.0 technologies (AJAX, REST, CSS, MAKI, etc.), a session on the AMD Opteron processor, an interesting talk on new features in Netbeans 6, and a thought provoking session on using the Netbeans profiling tools to gain greater visibility into how Java applications are using memory and CPU resources (I came out of this session with a number of new ideas on how to profile applications, which I will share with others once I have working code). I was also able to attend a Q&A with James Gosling, but was disappointed that the presenter didn’t ask some of the questions I had submitted.

But my favorite part of tech days had to be the opensolaris users group meeting, which included a presentation by Ian Murdock. Ian is a recent addition to the opensolaris community, and his thoughts on how to make Solaris and opensolaris more accessible to the common user are spot on! Ian has a bumpy road ahead of him to achieve his vision, and to get the opensolaris community to work together towards a common goal. Hopefully people will take the time to listen to Ian before judging him. Not only does he have the virtues (e.g., proven leadership, good listener, open minded, etc.) required to lead the monumental task of restructuring the opensolaris community for the better, but he has a number of awesome ideas for expanding it and making it more accessible to folks who have written off opensolaris. Welcome to the opensolaris community Ian!

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