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Getting alerts when Java processes crash

When bugs occur in the Java runtime environment, most administrators want to get notified so they can take corrective action. These actions can range from restarting a Java process, collecting postmortem data or calling in application support personnel to debug the situation further. The Java runtime has a number of useful options that can be […]

Monitoring Java garbage collection with jstat

Java memory management revolves around the garbage collector, which is the entity responsible for traversing the heap and freeing space that is being taken up by unreferenced objects. Garbage collection makes life easier for Java programmers, since it frees them from having to explicitly manage memory resources (this isn’t 100% true, but close enough). In […]

Zone update on attach functionality

If you’ve used the zone migration features (e.g., attach and detach) in Solaris, you may have bumped into issues when you tried to migrate a zone from one machine to another, and the servers didn’t have the same set of patches or packages installed. With Jerry’s putback of PSARC 2007/621 into opensolaris, this should be […]

Sun tech days recap

This week I was fortunate to attend Sun tech days. I had a great time attending the technical sessions, and discussing a wide variety of technology topics with other admins and Java developers. Some of the highlights from tech days included a 4-hour training session on web 2.0 technologies (AJAX, REST, CSS, MAKI, etc.), a […]

Jumpstarting VMWare fusion clients

I updated my jumpstart server last weekend, and wanted to test out the new bits I added. All of the systems I use for testing were tied up, so I decided to jumpstart a VMWare fusion client. By default, VMWare fusion will create and present an Intel pro series adapter to the guest. There appears […]