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Building 32-bit openssl libraries with the Sun C compiler

This week I needed to install OpenSSL 0.9.8g on one of my servers. When I went to configure and build the libraries with the Sun C compiler, I noticed that 64-bit libraries were produced by default. It turns out that this is the default behavior if you try to build OpenSSL on a 64-bit platform. […]

Monitoring the IPMI system event log

If you have a relatively recent server, your machine most likely supports IPMI. One technology that makes IPMI extremely useful is the baseboard management controller (BMC), which is an out-of-band controller that monitors the health of your server platform. Health monitoring is accomplished by distributing sensors throughout the server, and feeding the data these sensors […]

Finding bugs in Java programs

A while back I came across findbugs, which is a static analysis tool that can be used to locate bugs in Java programs. Findbugs is able to identify a number of bug patterns, which range from bad practices to performance and multithreaded programming bugs. Findbugs can be invoked through a graphical utility, or by running […]

Generating byte code from a Java class file

I have been reading through the Java virtual machine specification, which covers all the details needed to implement a JVM. Once thing the specification talks about in detail is Java bytecode, which is the machine independent code that is executed by the virtual machine implementation. At various places in the specification I wondered what the […]

Printing a set of lines after a pattern match

I had to do some pattern matching last week, and needed a way to print the two lines that occurred after each line that matched a specific string. Since awk provides robust pattern matching, I came up with the following awk command line to grab the information I needed: $ cat test foo 1 2 […]