Interacting with others than love live music

I recently created a live music social network on Ning. If your a fan of live music, or like to chat about music, I would like to welcome you to join the live tunes network. I plan to keep the site updated with music news and concert reviews, and hope to spark some fun discussions. Shibby!

2 thoughts on “Interacting with others than love live music”

  1. Hi Ryan!

    Good fun reading your concert posts! You and I definitely have a lot in common when it comes to music! I saw Smashing Pumpkins ( a short while ago and Dropkick Murphys are coming to Stockholm soon and I was thinking about going to that gig. After reading your review I think I will definitely have to go :)

    I hope you don’t stop writing your concert reviews on this site. I subscribe to your feed and I enjoy your concert reviews as much as the Solaris info you post :) I might check out your Ning site but I am sort of getting fed up with social networking sites and their predatory behaviour when it comes claiming ownership of information that their users post. It simply isn’t kosher.

  2. Hi David,

    Ning is the farthest thing from proprietary. You own all the content you post to Ning, and as far as I know, they are the only social network provider that doesn’t take ownership of the content you place on their netwotk. Their CEO recently acknowledged this as well. Thanks for the suggestion though.

    – Ryan

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