Jonathan Schwartz’s update on the recent NetApp patent litigation

I just read Jonathan Schwartz’s update on the Netapp patent litigation. I used to be a huge fan of Network Appliance, and recommended them whenever I got the chance. When I read Dave Hitz’s blog post about NetApp suing Sun for their ZFS implementation, my jaw dropped. I couldn’t believe NetApp would file litigation against an opensource technology, and the high regard I help for NetApp flew out the window. Not only would I never recommend NetApp again, but I would love nothing more than to replace our NetApp filers with thumpers (and I am actively working to persuade my boss to do so). Hopefully NetApp will come to the realization that litigation doesn’t benefit anyone, and they will drop their suit against Sun. Hopefully one day we will get to a litigation free world!

1 thought on “Jonathan Schwartz’s update on the recent NetApp patent litigation”

  1. We had a recent meeting with a certain chairmen at sun and he eluded to the counter suit that was just recently filed. He also had some interesting commentary about the whole situation.

    What’s the worse that happens to sun if they had to retract/limit ZFS, it’s just a part of a product set they offer.
    What’s the worse that happens to Netapp if they can’t use NFS … Bye Bye NetApp.

    Ultimately it will end with cross licensing agreements between the two companies, it’s just a shame they things didn’t take a more “civil” route.

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