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Using the DTrace hotspot provider to observe java object allocations

In my previous post, I discussed how jmap can be used to view the contents of the Java heap. Jmap is a wonderful utility for viewing heap utilization at a specific point in time, but it’s not the best utiltiy for answer questions like “which call stack is allocating objects of type foo?”, or “how […]

Getting the Solaris format utility to work with an expanded LUN

A while back I wrote an article titled dynamically growing a Clariion LUN with Solaris. In the article I described how to update the VTOC on a UN that was resized on the storage array. One of my colleagues came to me a few weeks back and told me the procedure was not working, and […]

Locating the device that contains an EXT3 label

On most Linux hosts, the first field of the /etc/fstab file contains labels instead of disk partions. This simplifies file system management, since you don’t have to update the fstab file if you move a drive to a new controller, or add additional drives to a system. If you want to locate the partition that […]

Viewing the contents of an ISO image from the command line

I had several ISO images lying around on my desktop, and decided to go through each image and purge the ones I no longer need. Several image files weren’t labeled, so I decided to fire up the isoinfo utility to figure out what the mystery ISO images were. The first image I checked was a […]

Concert review: Alice In Chains acoustic hour

Roughly ten years ago one of my friends loaned me his copy of the Alice In Chain’s MTV unplugged CD. Since that time, I’ve listened to that CD thousands of times, and have become one of the biggest Alice In Chains fans on the planet. I have had the opportunity to see Jerry Cantrell play […]

Summarizing Java heap utilization with jmap

Java has become one of the most successful languages to hit the IT industry. One of the reasons behind it’s high rate of adoption is that fact that Java manages memory resources for the programmer. This makes programming significantly easier, but introduces additional complexity, since engineers need to size the Java heap and pick a […]

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