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Repairing the Solaris /dev and /devices directories

The /devices and /dev directories on one of my Solaris 9 hosts got majorly borked a few weeks back, and the trusy old `devfsadm -Cv’ command wasn’t able to fix our problem. To clean up the device tree, I booted from CDROM into single user mode and manually cleaned up the device hierarchy. Here is […]

Expanding storage the ZFS way

I had a mirrored ZFS pool fill up on me this week, which required me to add additional storage to ensure that my application kept functioning correctly. Since expanding storage is a trivial process with ZFS, I decided to increase the available pool storage by replacing the 36GB disks in the pool with 72GB disks. […]

Solaris to support VRRP

While reading up on the Sitara project on, I noticed that the project team is planning to add VRRP support to Solaris. They are also working on speeding up small packet forwarding performance, which will be great for sites that run busy DNS servers and voice solutions. Now if we can just get them […]

Getting orca working on Solaris hosts

I installed the SE Toolkit on several Solaris 10 hosts this week, and noticed that the se process was SEGFAULT’ing during startup: $ /etc/rc3.d/S99orcallator start Writing data into /opt/orca/nbm01/ Starting logging Sending output to nohup.out $ tail -1 /var/adm/messages Aug 10 23:09:27 nbm01 genunix: [ID 603404 kern.notice] NOTICE: core_log: se.sparcv9[17571] core dumped: /var/core/ After fileing […]