Viewing tape devices on Solaris hosts

I have been repairing our backup environment for the past few weeks, and have encountered several nifty tools in the Netbackup volumen management bin directory. Once of these tools is the scan utility, which displays the robots and tape devices visible to a system:

$ /usr/openv/volmgr/bin/scan |more

*********************** SDT_TAPE    ************************
*********************** SDT_CHANGER ************************
*********************** SDT_OPTICAL ************************
Device Name  : "/dev/rmt/0cbn"
Passthru Name: "/dev/sg/c0tw500104f0005f027cl0"
Volume Header: ""
Port: -1; Bus: -1; Target: -1; LUN: -1
Inquiry    : "STK     T9940B          1.35"
Vendor ID  : "STK     "
Product ID : "T9940B          "
Product Rev: "1.35"
Serial Number: "479000037011"
WWN          : ""
WWN Id Type  : 0
Device Identifier: ""
Device Type    : SDT_TAPE
NetBackup Drive Type: 10
Removable      : Yes
Device Supports: SCSI-3
Flags : 0x4
Reason: 0x0


This utility is extremely useful for getting the device paths for a specific tape device, and for viewing the information returned from a SCSI INQUIRY command. Viva la scan!

3 thoughts on “Viewing tape devices on Solaris hosts”

  1. Hello ,
    can u plz tell me how to resolve the network connection timed out issue .
    the client server is well pinging ,telnet & from veritas command .it is well resolving.

    i am not able to take the backup from number of days .plz reply ASAP

  2. Hello,

    Go to Mast server properties and increase the client connect and client read time out.

    And do check the connectivity between your master server and client.
    If its ok then check the connectivity between media server and client:

    Well most probably it is the issue of a slow network and a seperate LAN for backups will help.

    Let me know if you have any issues after this:-First of all try increasing time out values.

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