Running Oracle RAC inside Solaris zones

While perusing my mailing lists this morning, I came across a comment from Ellard Roush on running Oracle RAC inside a Solaris zone:

“There is an active project to support Oracle RAC running in a zone environment. This new feature will be a “Zone Cluster”, which is a virtual cluster where each virtual node is a Zone on a different physical node. The Zone Cluster will be able to support cluster applications in general. From the perspective of the application, the Zone Cluster will appear to be a cluster dedicated to that application.”

I noticed that the “cluster” branded zone type was putback in build 67, and the fact that Sun is going to implement virtual nodes rocks! This will allow you to completley abstract the cluster nodes from the hardware, and will offer a TON of additional flexibility. I can’t wait to play with this goodness!

4 thoughts on “Running Oracle RAC inside Solaris zones”

  1. SCX 09/08 has just been released. This release contains the zone cluster feature, so you will finally be able to play with it! We would appreciate your feedback.

  2. I’ve recently completed an Oracle 11gR2 RAC configuration using Solaris LDOMs based on SPARC T5240s, and so far it appears to be working fine.

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