Configuring Brocade switches to log to syslog

I manage a number of Brocade switches, and periodically they encounter hardware problems (bad SPFs, faulty cables, etc.). To ensure that I am notified when these problems occur, I like to configure the switches to log errors to a centralized syslog server. Configuring a Brocade switch to use syslog is as simple as running the syslogdIpAdd command with the IP address of the syslog server:

switch1:admin> syslogdIpAdd “”
Committing configuration…done.

switch1:admin> syslogdIpAdd “”
Committing configuration…done.

Once one or more syslog servers are configured, the syslogdIpShow command can be used to verify that the servers were added:

switch1:admin> syslogdIpShow


If everything went smoothly, you should see entries similar to the following on the syslog server:

Jul 15 11:16:14 switch1 0 0x102d7800 (tShell): Jul 15 10:29:57
Jul 15 11:16:14 switch1      INFO SYS-LOGCLRD, 4, Error log cleared
Jul 15 11:16:14 switch1  

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