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The value of an all-in-one storage stack

I have written several times about the Solaris Leadvilel storage stack. While debugging a problem on a Solaris 9 host that wasn’t using the Leadville stack, I would wait and wait and wait for various commands to complete. Here is one such example: $ timex /usr/openv/volmgr/bin/scan >/dev/null real 2:25.09 user 0.10 sys 0.45 After migrating […]

Viewing tape devices on Solaris hosts

I have been repairing our backup environment for the past few weeks, and have encountered several nifty tools in the Netbackup volumen management bin directory. Once of these tools is the scan utility, which displays the robots and tape devices visible to a system: $ /usr/openv/volmgr/bin/scan |more ************************************************************ *********************** SDT_TAPE ************************ *********************** SDT_CHANGER ************************ *********************** […]

Concert review: 311

I ventured out recently to see the The English beat, Matisyahu and 311. Based on some logistical issues, I didn’t get to see The English Beat or Matisyahu, but I was able to to see the entire 311 show (311 is one of my favorite bands, so I was stoked I got to see their […]

Running Oracle RAC inside Solaris zones

While perusing my mailing lists this morning, I came across a comment from Ellard Roush on running Oracle RAC inside a Solaris zone: “There is an active project to support Oracle RAC running in a zone environment. This new feature will be a “Zone Cluster”, which is a virtual cluster where each virtual node is […]

Logging su attempts and failed logins

As a conscientious Solaris administrator, I make every attempt possible to protect my servers from malicious users. This includes disabling all unneeded services, enabling strong password policies, configuring system auditing, enabling strong network defaults, applying system patches and configuring system logging. When I configure system logging, I like to configure the syslogd daemon to log […]

Configuring Brocade switches to log to syslog

I manage a number of Brocade switches, and periodically they encounter hardware problems (bad SPFs, faulty cables, etc.). To ensure that I am notified when these problems occur, I like to configure the switches to log errors to a centralized syslog server. Configuring a Brocade switch to use syslog is as simple as running the […]

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