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If you subscribe to SysAdmin magazine, you might be interested in my article Debugging Apache Web Server Problems, which is available in the July issue. Here is the list of topics I covered in the article:

– Using single process mode to isolate problems.

– Using httpd flags to debug configuration errors.

– Debugging CGI script execution problems with ScriptLog.

– Using mod_backtrace to determine why a process crashed.

– Dumping HTTP requests and responses with mod_dumpio.

– Using ptools and gdb to see why an httpd process hung.

– Enabling maintainer mode to simplify debugging.

– Using the source code to locate problems.

I have been a long time subscriber to SysAdmin, and it’s one of the few magazines I read each month from cover to cover. If you happen to read my article, I would love to hear your thoughts (good or bad).

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  1. I am new to Apache and was looking for ways to debug the Apache process. I found your article very comprehensive to getting me started with debugging Apache issues. It is great to have all the required information in one place. Great Job!

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