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Remotely mounting directories through SSH

I manage a fair number of Linux hosts, and have recently been looking for ways to securely mount remote directories on my servers for administrative purposes. NFS and Samba don’t have a terribly good security track record, so I don’t like to use either of these solutions unless truly warranted. Rsync over SSH is pretty […]

Running processes in fixed time intervals

While messing around with Sun Cluster 3.2, I came across hatimerun. This nifty program can be used to run a program in a fixed amount of time, and kill the program if it runs longer that the time alloted to it. If hatimerun kills a program, it will return a status code of 99. If […]

First thoughts of Sun Cluster 3.2

Over the past few weeks, I have been heads down studying for the Sun Cluster 3.2 beta exam. I finally took the certification test this week, and am hopeful that I passed (I am pretty sure I did). Prior to studying for this exam, my last experience with Sun’s clustering technology was Sun Cluster 2.2. […]

Redhat Linux FTP client annoyance

The netkit-ftp client that ships with Redhat Enterprise Linux comes with a verbose option, which will among other things instruct the client to print the number of bytes transferred after each file is successfully sent. These messages look similar to the following: 85811076 bytes sent in 1.3e+02 seconds (6.7e+02 Kbytes/s) I had several enormous files […]

Now this is some sweet livin’

This is the news of the year. Spinal Tap is reuniting to fight global warming! I hope they will turn it up to 11!!!

Speeding up Oracle disk I/O on RHEL4 systems

While poking around the web last wek, I came across a good paper from Redhat that describes how to utilize asynchronous and direct I/O with Oracle. I have been using the Oracle filesystemio_options=”SetAll” initialization parameter on a few RHEL 4 database servers to efficiently use memory, and had no idea idea that it provided the […]

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