Dealing with annoying people on airplanes

I recently flew home to see my parents, and had quite a whopper of a trip back. The first leg of my flight wasn’t so bad, and the folks next to me left me alone (I was trying to sleep). On the second leg, things fell apart. I had a window seat in an exit row, and I think the guy sitting next to me had dropped some speed prior to getting on the plane. The dude was constantly moving around, and kept bumping me with his arm as he flailed around in his seat. Since I was cuddled up in the corner trying to sleep, I got woken up each time he elbowed me. After about the fifth time of getting elbowed in the ribs, I felt it was time to discuss this situation with Chucky. Our conversation went something like this:

Matty: * Taps guy on shoulder *

Guy on speed: Hi

Matty: Howdy, can I help you?

Guy on speed: No, why do you ask?

Matty: Well — you keep bumping me, so I wanted to see if you needed something.

Guy on speed: Oh, sorry.

Matty: * Closes eyes and tries to go back to sleep *

This ended the conversation, and I thought this was a diplomatic way to tell him to quit elbowing me. He sat patiently for 5 – 10 minutes, and then he elbowed me a few more times while flailing around. Since Chucky didn’t get it the first time, I thought maybe a second discussion was in order. This one went something like this:

Matty: * Taps guy on shoulder *

Guy on speed: * Speed dude looks at Matty funny *

Matty: You elbowed me again, so I assume you need something now?

Guy on speed: No — sorry about that

Matty: Ok, thanks.

After this, I heard the captain come on to tell us to prepare for landing. I am not sure if there is an alternate way to nicely tell people that they are being rude and inconsiderate, but hopefully some of my readers can interject their thoughts. :) The plane was 100% filled, so moving was not an options. :(

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