Switching jobs

After almost four years with my current employer, I have decided to move on. I found leaving my current job somewhat difficult, since I work with some incredibly talented people (I worked with people that could tell you the history of the world, how to make the perfect spinache quiche, and several individuals that could recite from memory the layout of the memory map that is passed between the BIOS/EFI and the kernel on x86 platforms). It is also hard leaving an environment you poured lots of nights and weekends into, but at the end of the day I guess you shouldn’t become attached to the bits you helped change. Testing new waters should be awesome, and I can’t wait to get back into the trenches in my new role. I think the positive slogan goes something like “onwards and upwards?” Viva!

3 thoughts on “Switching jobs”

  1. Cong!
    Although not feeling good to leave a comfortable and familiar environment, trying some differences sounds great!

  2. Best of the luck on the new job! Hopefully the new job won’t keep you too busy to post great posts here :)

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