Essential investing resources

Over the past few years, I have come across some super useful investing resources. To ensure that I can find these when I need them, I thought I would post them here:

Bill Cara on the markets: Great overview of the market.

Compound interest calculator: Great place to see the impacts of interest rates over time.

Fund Alarm Data Table: Great place to view the risks associated with a fund.

Investopedia: Great place to look up terminology and market conditions.

Money Guy Podcast: Weekly podcast about restoring financial chaos.

Morningstar: Great place to review funds and expense ratios.

Morningstar Instant Xray: Portfolio breakdown by asset class.

Random Roger’s Big Picture: Great overview of the market and ETFs.

Seeking Alpha: Great overview of where the market is heading.

Tax guide for investors: Great place to review tax information.

Vanguard diehard forums: Great place to get free advice on index funds.

I also enjoy listening to the pro money talk, Kiplinger, Vanguard, Fidelity and Merriman capitol podcasts, which are all available throught he iTunes music store.

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