Tracing vxassist activity

While creating a few Veritas volumes last week, I wanted to see the commands that vxassist was executing under the covers. This was easily accomplished by adding the “-v” (trace commands executed by vxassist) option to the vxassist command line:

$ vxassist -b -v make datavol02 1g layout=mirror mirror=3
/usr/sbin/vxvol -g datadg -o bg -o plexfork=128 — start datavol02

VxVM is an awesome volume manager, and there are all kinds of cool things buried in the manual pages!

2 thoughts on “Tracing vxassist activity”

  1. Just wanted to say thanks for this blog. I have been reading quite a few posts and pleased to find some of those extra tid-bits of information I’m looking for.

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