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Dreamhost outage

I had my first extended downtime with Dreamhost today. According to my cron job that runs content-check every minute, my site was down for close to 30 minutes. I hope this is an isolated event, and plan to evaluate other providers in case I need to move my domain again. If anyone has recommendations on […]

Cron format

I’ve been cleaning out a bunch of super old notes this week, and am going to post them on my blog for future reference. In case I incur a head injury and need to memorize the crontab format again, here it is as ascii art: minute (0-59), | hour (0-23), | | day of the […]

Creating a Linux ramdisk

While performing some testing a few weeks ago, I needed to create a ramdisk on one of my redhat AS 4.0 servers. I knew Solaris supported tmpfs, and after a bit of googling was surprised to find that Linux supported the tmpfs pseudo-file system as well. To create a ramdisk on a Linux host, you […]

Rebuilding the RPM database indexes

The RPM indexes on one of my CentOS 4.4 machines got corrupted last weekend, which caused some issues on one of the servers I was trying to update. To fix this issue, I removed the files with two underscores in /var/lib/rpm: $ rm -f /var/lib/rpm/__* And then I recreated the indexes by running rpm with […]

Monitoring logfiles with logsentry

I manage a fair number of servers, and use several tools to monitor the health of my systems. One such tool is logsentry (formerly known as logcheck), which is a shell script that can be used to monitor logfiles for anomalies. Logsentry consists of a single shell script and one or more violation files, and […]

Monitoring connections on OpenBSD hosts

I received a comment from a reader regarding the trafshow utility. Trafshow is definitely a cool piece of software, and I use it one some of my Linux hosts. On my OpenBSD systems, I have been using the pktstat utility, which provides connection statistics for all traffic on the system: $ pktstat interface: sis0 total: […]

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