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Solaris nscd keep-hot-count issue

While reviewing the DNS logfiles on one of my name servers, I noticed that one of my Solaris hosts was querying once per hour: Sep 30 02:28:05 dns named[1097]: [ID 866145] client view internal: query: IN A + Sep 30 03:27:35 dns named[1097]: [ID 866145] client view internal: query: […]

Moving Solaris zones

While messing around with zones and ZFS last weekend, I decided to create a new ZFS file system called /zones to store my zones. The /zones file system would be created as a striped ZFS file system, allowing me to take advantage of ZFS’s data checksumming, compression, snapshots and zone cloning features. Since I already […]

Apple file vault and good backups save the day!

I frequently travel with my Apple powerbook, and have always been concerned that someone might steal my laptop, or the disk drive would fail (this is ahuge single point of failure). To address both concerns, I enabled file vault to encrypt my home folder, and backup my data once a week to a central file […]

Running Linux applications in Solaris Linux branded zones

While playing around with the latest version of Nevada this week, I decided to see how well Linux branded zones work. In case your not following the Sun development efforts, Linux branded zones allow you to run Linux ELF executables unmodified on Solaris hosts. This is pretty interesting, and I definitely wanted to take this […]

Mapping pfiles output to files

While I was analyzing the performance characteristics of one of my Solaris 9 Oracle database servers, I needed to map a file descriptor listed in the pfiles output to the actual file name on the file system (Solaris 10 provides this information in the pfiles output, which is yet another reason to run Solaris 10). […]

Opensource rocks!

I received two more awesome patches for ssl-cert-check. Ken Gallo sent me a patch to allow ssl-cert-check to process certificates stored in PKCS#12 databases, and I am hoping to integrate his changes this upcoming weekend. Quanah Gibson-Mount sent me a patch that adds nagios support to ssl-cert-check, and also adjusts the default binary locations to […]

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