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New version of released

Peter Schober E-mailed me a set of strict mode patches for, and I applied them and updated the script on my website. If you are using OpenLDAP and wish to get detailed server utilization reports, you might be interested in Thanks Peter for the rockin’ patches.

Network Manager

I came across the NetworkManager application yesterday while looking up some information, and wish I would have found this application earlier in my Linux life! NetWorkManager accepts HAL/DBUS events, and transparently manages the network changes for a user. If you periodically switch between wired and wireless network connections, or wander between wireless access points with […]

Accessing services behind a NAT

I use the OpenBSD PF (packet filter) firewall at home to protect the systems I run, and to provide access to a few services over the Internet. The services I make accessible to the Internet run on servers in RFC 1918 address space, which requires my OpenBSD gateway to perform translate IP addresses and apply […]

AMD Opteron overview

If you are interested in learning why the AMD Opteron processor is currently the top dog in the X64 server space, you might be interested in the following Anandtech article: The article discusses the K8 architecture in depth, and explains why hyper transport rocks. I have been wanting to upgrade my Sun Ultra 10s […]

Viewing NIC information from the ESX server CLI

VMWare ESX server has a bunch of command line utilties to display and modify the ESX server configuration, and the vast majority of them are buried in the /usr/sbin directory. One useful utility is esxcfg-nics, which displays the NIC type, the virtual NIC name, and the current configuration of each NIC in a server: $ […]

Monitoring Linux servers with procinfo

I recently came across the procinfo utility, and use it periodically to view system utilization and configuration data on the Linux servers I support. Procinfo is a monitoring utility that interfaces with the Linux /proc file system, and displays data such as CPU utilization, memory utilization, interrupts serviced and information on the modules that are […]

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