Awesome SIP Tutorial

I have been spending a bit of my time reading up on VOIP protocols. While searching the ‘net for good SIP/RTP/RTCP documentation, I came across an awesome SIP tutorial. This tutorial is extremely well written, and definitely one of the best I have found so far!

7 thoughts on “Awesome SIP Tutorial”

  1. Hello Matty,
    I wrote the SIP tutorial you have mentioned here. It feels great to know that people like you found it interesting and useful. Thanks a lot for spreading the word.

  2. Its really awesome and self explanatory. If you have any document on MGCP and H323 as this one, please send it to me.

  3. Yes this tutorial is extremely good one for the beginners to understand about SIP,RTP/RTCP. It made many of my doubts to get clear..

    I am extremely thankful to the author

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