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Thermal problems with macbook pro?

I came across the following post that discusses some of the thermal issues currently found in the macbook pros. According to the poster, Apple (or their suppliers) is incorrectly applying thermal paste to the CPU dies in the macbook pros, which is leading to higher than expected operating termperatures. The picture he presents from one […]

Resintalling grub from single user mode

While surfing the web this weekend, I came across the following procedure for reinstalling grub from the command line: 1. Boot the system from an installation boot medium. 2. Type linux rescue at the installation boot prompt to enter the rescue environment. 3. Type chroot /mnt/sysimage to mount the root partition. 4. Type /sbin/grub-install /dev/hda […]

Dumping C and Assembly with objdump

I just came across the objdump “–source” option, which will display the C source code from a program along with the assembly instructions that were generated from the C code. The following example shows a snippet of what is produced during a typical run: $ objdump –source curl 08050ed0 <homedir >: /* return the home […]

Reasons why people are switching from Solaris to Linux

I met up this week with one of my friends that I haven’t seen in a while. We chatted about life, work and eventually started chatting about Linux and Solaris (we are both SysAdmins). My friend mentioned that his company had decided to quit buying Sun hardware in favor of Dell servers running Redhat Linux […]

Linux kernel debugging

I came across OOPS! An Introduction to Linux Kernel Debugging while surfing the web, and found the presentation interesting. The information on sysinfo and sysrq was especially interesting, since these modules can be valuable tools for determing why a specific version of the Linux kernel decided to bite the dust!

Interesting NFSv3 errors

While reading through RFC 1813 (NFSv3 RFC), I came across the following interesting NFS error: NFS3ERR_JUKEBOX The server initiated the request, but was not able to complete it in a timely fashion. The client should wait and then try the request with a new RPC transaction ID. For example, this error should be returned from […]

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