Wireless phone + airport express = chaos!

While conducting a bit of research tonight, I decided to fire up iTunes to stream an Internet radio station to my home stereo. Just as I was getting into a song by Stereolith, the phone rang, and my airtunes audio stream died. I chatted on the phone for 5 – 10 minutes before it dawned on me that my cordless phone may caused my stream to drop. I immediately told my friend I had to go (sorry dude!), and wandered off to look up the 802.11G wireless frequency bands. A quick seach revealed the following:

Channel			Lower Frequency 	Central Frequency	Upper Frequency

1			2.401			2.412			2.423
2			2.404			2.417			2.428
3			2.411			2.422			2.433
4			2.416			2.427			2.438
5			2.421			2.432			2.443
6			2.426			2.437			2.448
7			2.431			2.442			2.453
8			2.436			2.447			2.458
9			2.441			2.452			2.463
10			2.446			2.457			2.468
11			2.451			2.462			2.473

Since my 802.11g wireless network and cordless phone both operate in the 2.4GHZ band, I began to speculate that the interference from my cordless phone was enough to kill my poor innocent audio stream. To test this theory, I started a new stream, and called my friend back. Once the call was initiated, the Internet audio stream died. Guess it’s time to purchase a phone that operates in the 900MHZ or 5GHZ bands.

2 thoughts on “Wireless phone + airport express = chaos!”

  1. It’s not possible to change your wireless network to another channel? I doubt that the cordless phone occupies the whole 2.401 – 2.473 GHz range, so perhaps changing the network to channel 1 or channel 11 solves the issue?

  2. It looks like moving it to channel 11 cleared up the issues. Now if only there was a way to fix interference from my microwave. :)

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