Adding SMART support to FreeBSD

I first ran across smartmontools about a year ago, and like to install it on all of the systems I manage. This helps me understand the current health of the hard drives in the servers and desktops I manage, and allows me to predict when disk drives are about to fail (this of course assumes that declining attributes are good indicators). Since I am using FreeBSD 6.0 on my personal laptop, I wanted to get smartmontools and smartd working. This was easily accomplished by first installing the smartmontools package with the pkg_add utility:

$ pkg_get -r smartmontools

And secondly by adding a smartd_enable line to /etc/rc.conf to start the SMART daemon (smartd) at system boot time:

$ grep smartd /etc/rc.conf

I really dig the FreeBSD ports tree.

1 thought on “Adding SMART support to FreeBSD”

  1. I can attest to the usefulness of smartmontools. I use them on linux and freebsd. About 6 months ago the drive in a linux server started to go and smartmontools alerted me of the impending failure about 24 hours before it happened. I had plenty to time to make an up to the minute backup and plan for the drive replacement before it actually died.

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