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Removing messages from POP3S servers

While checking my e-mail recently, I noticed that my inbox contained several new messages that were roughly 3MB in size. The quantity of messages was choking my poor text-based e-mail client, so I needed to figure out what has happening. After spending a few minutes reviewing my maillog, I noticed that my mail retrieval program […]

Alice in chains reunion!

While reading through, I read that Jerry Cantrell is reforming Alice In Chains with a new lead singer. This is one of the happiest moments in my life, and I am going to brave my fear of planes to wander to several AIC shows!! Rock on!

Locating NTP stratum sources

While setting up some machines to use one of Penn State’s NTP sources, I was curious where their master time source was located. After reading a bunch of NTP documentation, I came across the ntptrace utility: $ ntptrace -dv DoTransmit( DoTransmit to ReceiveBuf(, server, port 123 stratum 16, precision -16, leap […]

Locating good music

If you happen to read my blog, you may have noticed that I dig alternative music. One day while searching for cool new alternative music, I stumbled across This nifty site provides a medium to connect people to music based on a variety of musical heuristics, and it works really really well. If you […]

Apache: restart != graceful

While chatting with a friend last week, he mentioned that he uses the apachectl restart option to get Apache to reread configuration files. This works, but it forcefully terminates all children (even ones processing requests), and can lead to user sessions getting blotched. As of Apache 1.3, you can now use the apachectl graceful option […]

Perl module library madness!

While reading up on website performance monitoring applications last week, I came across the cricket HTTP-performance module. HTTP-performance allows you to graph the time it takes to connect to a website and to render a page. This sounded interesting, so I decided to download and install cricket. After reading through the beginners guide, I installed […]

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