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Speeding up Safari

I recently got sick of the Safari spinning ball, and decided to conduct some research to speed up my favorite web browser. After reading numerous posts on the Apple discussion board, I made the following changes to significantly boost page rendering time: 1. Add Mike’s Ad Blocking Hosts file to /etc/hosts and restart lookupd 2. […]

What happened to customer service?

I just had another awful experience with a large corporation’s customer service, and this got me thinking about how crappy customer service has gotten. There seems to be a complete lack of problem ownership, representatives are paid to get you off the phone, and in most cases the problem is pawned off on the individual […]

I attached myself to myself

I came across my new favorite error message last night while debugging some issues with the Solaris printstack() function: $ gdb -q /var/tmp/apache2/bin/httpd (gdb) shell ps -ef | grep gdb matty 9216 8963 1 20:30:34 pts/1 0:00 gdb -q /var/tmp/apache2/bin/httpd matty 9217 9216 0 20:30:41 pts/1 0:00 bash -c ps -ef | grep gdb (gdb) […]

Making sense of on Linux systems

If you have ever done a long listing of /usr/lib on a Linux system, you probably choked and asked yourself what the f$%^ is this mess? After reading through Peter Seebach’s article Dissecting Shared Libraries, things don’t seem so bad, and the large number of files actually starts to make sense. Step one in sorting […]

Avoiding BLOG spam

I installed Spam Karma 2 a few weeks back, and am amazed at how well it works! Not only has it captured every piece of SPAM posted to my BLOG, it automatically purges them so I don’t have to do anything myself (the “purging” feature is a configuration option). Thanks Dr. Dave!

Getting Emulex adaptors working with Solaris

This past week I wanted to use the Solaris cfgadm utility to unconfigure a few LUNs. When I ran ‘cfgadm -al’, I noticed that the FC adaptors were not visible in the cfgadm output: $ cfgadm -al Ap_Id Type Receptacle Occupant Condition c2 scsi-bus connected configured unknown c2::dsk/c2t0d0 CD-ROM connected configured unknown usb0/1 unknown empty […]

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