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Viewing HTTP requests with DTrace Apache Top

I worked with my friend Clay last night to add POSIX signal handlers and additional fields to the DTrace apachetop Perl script: $ 21:12:39 Requests: 347 ( 69/sec) Bytes: 35349b (7069b/sec, 101b/request) Requests: GETs: 347 POSTs: 0 HEADs: 0 TRACEs: 0 Responses: 1XX: 0 2XX: 301 3XX: 46 4XX: 0 5XX: 0 Requests Requests/Sec […]

Veritas Volume Manager Recovery Features

It looks like SysAdmin magazine just published my article titled Veritas Volume Manager Recovery Features. If you are looking for ways to increase system recoverability and to get alerted when issues popup in VxVM environments, you may enjoy this article

Solaris 10 Apache DTrace module

I sent the following e-mail message to the DTrace mailing list today announcing the release of mod_dtrace version 0.2a: I have been working on an Apache DTrace module for the past few weeks, and just released version 0.2a. This module integrates Dtrace probes into Apache through the Apache hook framework. These probes can be used […]

Monitoring Apache memory allocation with DTrace

The Apache web server uses an abstraction concept called a pool to simplify memory management in the Apache web server. Memory can be allocated and assigned to a pool (there are several pools, with different lifetimes depending on how long the memory needs to stick around) through numerous routines, including the apr_palloc() routine. This routine […]

Debugging Apache

If you ever find the need to debug Apache and want stop httpd from forking and detaching from the controlling terminal, you can start httpd with the ONE_PROCESS and NO_DETACH options: $ /usr/sbin/httpd -DONE_PROCESS -DNO_DETACH Once you are done debugging, you can hit control-c and the process will exit. Giddie up!

Black Friday disasters?

I read through the black Friday comments on Engadget, and find it amusing that people would get up at 1am to fight with people for a $378 HP laptop or a high definition television. Luckily for me I got up late this afternoon, and was super relaxed from a long night (and day) of sleep. […]

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