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Monitoring OS X CPU, disk, network and memory resources

I recently came across Menu Meters while reading the OS X discussion forums on This is a nifty addition to the OS X menu bar, and allows you to get CPU, disk, memory and network utilization metrics with a simple click of the mouse (or a quick squint of the eyes). I wish I […]

mod_deflate benchmarks

I came across a cool article that shows the bandwidth savings that can be achieved by using Apache’s mod_deflate module. Since people are still using 56k modems to connect to the Internet, compressing content can decrease the time it takes to render pages on dial-up connections.

Finding cuting edge alternative music

While perusing Radio Wazee today, I came across the section of their main page with new band and song reviews. If you are into alternative music and sick of the main stream music we get on FM radio, I would highly recommend zipping over to radio wazee and giving them a listen.

Sectioning data with awk

I was working on a shell script last week and wanted to grab just the CPU section from the Solaris prtdiag(1m) output. I was able to perform this operation with awk by checking $0 for one or more “=” characters, and then setting a variable named SECTION to the value contained in the second position […]

Getting failure notifications with Veritas Volume Manager

One of the cool and often overlooked features in Veritas Volume Manager is the failure notification mechanism. This facility provides automated notifications when problems are detected with Veritas managed disks, plexes, subdisks and volumes. These notifications are active by default, and will generate an e-mail to the user root each time a failure is detected. […]

Concert review: Nine Inch Nails

I have always liked Trent Reznor and the Nine Inch Nails, and wanted to see how they were live. I finally got my chance last night, and can report back that the concert was incredible. The lighting was awesome, the setlist was arranged perfectly, and the crowd was definitely into the show! If I had […]

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