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Solaris fault manager overview

One of the coolest features in Solaris 10 in the fault management service. Fault management allows system software to send telemetry data to the fmd(1m) daemon, which then diagnoses the problem, and takes action (e.g., offlining a faulty components and logging an error with FMRI/UUID information to syslog) based on the type of event received. […]

Debugging lease problems with Sun DHCP Servers

While debugging some PXE boot problems a few weeks back, I needed to see who DHCP leases were being issued to. Since the box was running Solaris 9, I was able to take advantage of the Sun DHCP server’s “-d” (debug) and “-v” (verbose) options: $ /usr/lib/inet/in.dhcpd -d -v -i ge0 -b manual 42a07602: Daemon […]

S.M.A.R.T Article update

I revamped my article Out S.M.A.R.T Your Hard Drive this week. The new version contains several new examples, better explanations, and several additional references. I am hoping to BLOG about smartd(1m) in the near future.

Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) Hot Spares

When a disk fails that is part of a redundant volume (e.g., RAID 1, RAID 5), the volume is able to continue handling I/O requests, but becomes susceptible to data loss if additional devices fail ( and in the case of RAID5 volumes, the volume will operate in a degraded state, since parity calculations are […]

Awesome band: Stereolith

While listening to my favorite online radio station today, I heard a song pop on that caught my attention. I immediately wandered over to the wazee website, and saw that the artist’s name was Stereolith, and the tune that was playing was titled Save Me. These guys are fricking awesome, and have a super cool […]

SNORT Logfile Analysis

While perusing the SNORT website, I came across snortalog. This super useful program can be used to analyze snort and firewall logfiles, and produces vulnerability reports in ASCII TXT, HTML and PDF format. The folks who wrote snortalog did a killer job, and their software will definitely give the other vulnerability reporting tools a run […]

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