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Growing Solaris UFS file systems

I recently needed to grow a Solaris UFS file system, and accomplished this with the growfs(1m) utility. The growfs(1m) utility takes two arguments. The first argument to growfs ( the value passed to “-M” ) is the mount point of the file system to grow. The second argument is the raw device that backs this […]

No md5sum? Use OpenSSL!

I constantly find myself generating checksums, and for some reason each Operating System likes to implement their open message digest command ( if they provide one at all ). If your system is missing a digest command, you can use the openssl utility to generate one-time hashes. OpenSSL supports the SHA1, MD5 and RIPEMD160 algorithms, […]

Nifty Solaris fuser trick

I was reading through Planet Sun, and came across Pete Shanahan’s fuser trick. This trick can be used to get the process name of each PID accessing a file system: $ ps -o pid,ppid,rss,args -p “$(fuser / 2>/dev/null)” PID PPID RSS COMMAND 0 0 0 sched 1 0 776 /etc/init – 2 0 0 pageout […]

Linux software RAID

I just noticed that my article titled Monitoring and Managing Linux Software RAID was posted to the SysAdmin website. This article provides an introduction to RAID (MD) support under Linux. I hope to blog about madm in a future post.

Managing OS X open source packages with fink

fink is an open source package manager for OS X. The fink command allows packages be be installed, removed, and updated relatively easily. As of this writing, there were 2048 open source packages available: $ fink list | wc -l 2048 To get started with fink, you need to download the latest version from the […]

Speeding up firefox

As a UNIX and network guy, I try to optimize systems and networks to deliver the most bang for the buck. I recently came across the following post on the Mozilla Zine web forums: This link covers several tunables for Firefox, several of which can significantly speedup page load times (especially when you have […]

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