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Safari/Firefox “Site not found” errors

Numerous people have posted to the Apple discussion board regarding “site not found” errors, and web browsers requiring two attempts to load a page: This was REALLY annoying me, so I started doing some digging to see what was wrong. When I broke out tcpdump, I noticed that OS X was sending AAAA record […]

Checking for OpenLDAP unindexed searches

I was checking my openldap logfiles today, and noticed that the “cn” attribute wasn’t indexed. I found this by checking for the “index_param” string in my OpenLDAP logfiles: $ grep “index_param failed” /var/log/openldap Dec 25 13:37:19 winnie slapd[730]: [ID 635189 local4.debug] < = bdb_substring_candidates: (cn) index_param failed (18) To fix this problem, I added an […]

Bash arrays

I have been trying to get a better grasp of some advanced bash concepts, and have been reading through the following reference manual: I am pretty familiar with C and perl arrays, but have never had a need to use arrays in a bash script. The syntax for a bash array is almost identical […]

Solaris Entropy statistics

I exchanged an email or two with Andy Tucker regarding Solaris 9 entropy pools, and found out that entropy statistics are available through mdb’s (modular debugger) “rnd_stats” dcmd: $ uname -a SunOS winnie 5.9 Generic_117171-14 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-5_10 $ mdb -k Loading modules: [ unix krtld genunix ip lofs nfs random ptm ] > ::rnd_stats […]